Smart class Setup

In the process of setting up smart classes in schools and home there we need following accessories.

  1. A desktop computer or a laptop
  2. A Projector
  3. A screen
  4. Learning content
  5. Digital podium
  6. Green and white boards

There we can use various equipments as well. For example, you can replace screen with a LED TV and have the content on a pen drive thereby eliminating the need of a computer as well. You can also have an android based projector with a screen. No computer is needed in this case.

Smart class setup

While we setting up a smart classroom, we need to include the cost of transportation, set up, training, hardware warranty, maintenance etc. Taking a very rough estimate, a smart classroom with above listed components or their variation would cost somewhere around Rs. 1.25 to 1.50 Lac.

Now in current time smart classes is more personalized in nature and therefore we are increasingly seeing schools and coaching centers move towards tablet based or online content based interactive learning labs.

Here if we talk about cost of overall setup, it is also depends on selection of all equipments.  We can select from the types of laptops and projectors. There are various types of laptops available in market so we can choose according to our budget and same for the projectors.